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Graphic Poster Design by Choi Kim Hung for Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014


Ugly Fruit

The idea came from the fact that US markets toss out 15 billion dollars worth of fruits and vegetables each year

just because they are bruised or discolored. But they are still fresh and edible. I felt there was an opportunity to stop

the waste, so Ugly Fruit was born. Ugly Fruit is a stand that makes juice, jams, and dried fruits out of unattractive

produce donated from our neighborhood grocery stores. Ugly fruit, pretty yummy!

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Telegramme Studio

absolutely love their work, especially this branding for Hawt Sauce


The Far Flung Teal

Self-set brief - a proposal for the UK schnapps market. The Far Flung Teal is a concept for an artisan schnapps with a smooth and mellow flavour. A spirit of the highest quality, enjoyed neat or ice cold, or as a base for premium cocktails.

With such a well travelled duck there is scope to produce a range of exotically flavoured varieties inspired by regional ingredients and named after iconic locations.


Beer Packaging targeted towards 18-28 year old.


Visual message: copies of, print run, publishing 
Author: ABOUT Independent Publishing Fair


Visual message: copies of, print run, publishing 


teaim: ckck: Autumn leaves.

Let’s have some hardcore graphic tree porn today shall we.